Advantages of hiring autistic people

Employees on the autism spectrum are eager to do a great job. They work hard all day every day and are open to self development. ​

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What are the advantages?

Autistic employees bring so many strengths to the workplace

  • Logical, data-driven approach​
  • Recognition of patterns and details others may miss​
  • Ability to remain highly focused ​
  • The ability to thrive in a structured, well-organised work environment
  • High tolerance for repetitive tasks
  • Creative, innovative thinkers​
  • Honesty, loyalty, integrity and reliability​
  • Extensive knowledge resulting from deep study in favourite topics​
  • Understanding rules and sequences – tend not to ‘cut corners’​
  • Preference for routine​
  • Tend not to get drawn into workplace gossip and politics​
  • Diligence: eagerness to do the job well​
  • Willingness to learn and grow in the job​
  • Sense of gratitude​
  • Different approach​
  • Understanding of diversity​
  • Small amounts of unplanned leave

Autistic people are great employees​

Employees on the autism spectrum are eager to do a great job. They work hard all day every day and are open to self development. ​

They are loyal, honest, hardworking, detail oriented and logical thinkers. They like to understand the rules and follow routines. ​

An understanding manager and supportive colleagues, who take the time to understand an autistic employee, supporting their strengths and needs will be rewarded with an outstanding employee. ​

Shouldn’t this be best management practice for all employees?​

Why employing autistic employees is good for business

  • Contributes to a more inclusive workplace with improved staff confidence and capability
  • Makes good business sense for productivity, creativity and innovation
  • Managers and leaders become better leaders and managers
  • Acknowledge and appreciate that there are a lot of different ways to think, a lot of different ways to learn and a lot of different ways to be
  • Often overlooked and misunderstood talent pool
  • Autism inclusive work practices are good practices for all employees
  • Increased morale of staff working with autistic team members
  • Diversity of employees can lead to a more person-centred management approach
  • Stability in your workforce

About autism

Training resources

Autism and Employment training video – 15 minutes

This training aims to help managers and colleagues understand some different ways autistic employees think and process information. It provides practical strategies to adopt when working with differences in working styles and suggests common workplace accommodations to enable autistic employees to succeed at work.