Autism helpdesk

The autism helpdesk has been provided for DES providers and employers who are engaged with autistic job seekers as part of the Department of Social Services Autism@Work pilot

The purpose of the autism helpdesk is to:

  •  provide a consultative service regarding managing autistic employees.
  •  provide guidance on the tools and resources provided as part of the pilot program.

The helpdesk aims to help guide an employer or DES provider through any specific enquiries relating to their autistic employee with the intent of improving employment outcomes for the individual and the employer.

An autism consultant will be able to provide advice and guidance based upon prior experience working with people on the autism spectrum. They will have an extensive understanding of the tools provided as part of the Autism@Work portal

If you have checked the portal for materials to assist with your query and cannot find an answer you can log a request with the Autism@Work helpdesk.

An autism consultant will review your query. They might contact you to gain a more detailed understanding of the query, before providing suggestions on how to manage the issue. Some queries might be more complex and require onward referral to more specialised professional support.

The hours of operation for the Autism@Work helpdesk are Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 3:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.