Support tools, resources and training

Autism@Work pilot tools, training and support adapted from the Dandelion Program.

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Labour hire option

An optional labour hire arrangement is available with third party employer Untapped Holdings. Untapped can employ an employee directly and outsource the employee to work on a client site.

Benefits of a labour hire arrangement:

  • Untapped are an experienced Neurodiversity employer
  • Employee support can be provided and included in hiring rates
  • Untapped can provide training to the managers and co-workers in the workplace
  • Untapped have other support tools available to assist employees to be successful in the workplace
  • Provides an opportunity to trial employees before offering an ongoing role
  • Includes complete contract and payroll processing services

Autism@Work App

The Autism@Work app is an assistive technology mobile device application.  The Autism@Work app provides communication and remote support to jobseekers on the spectrum, and DES providers. 

On-boarding plan

Standardised on-boarding plan for DES providers and employers that can be shared with the selected jobseeker. This will ensure that there is sufficient and suitable work for the jobseeker and there are review points for DES providers and employers.

Organisational change – workplace autism inclusion

A package of training, processes and tools for an organisation to assist with the change to a more inclusive hiring culture.

Performance management tool

Work Performance Questionnaire (WPQ) tool for the employer and jobseeker to determine how the jobseeker is progressing and where additional supports and adjustments maybe necessary.

DES provider training

DES provider focussed autism awareness training for the provider’s employees.  Video and computer-based training through the Uptimize training tool.

Employer training

Uptimize based autism awareness and strategy training for the employer and also computer-based manager/supervisor training for those managing people on the spectrum.

Jobseeker training

Training materials for jobseekers on the spectrum about work expectations and the ‘hidden curriculum’ of employment

Jobseeker assessment

A simplified jobseeker candidate assessment process to help the DES provider assess the type of work that a person on the spectrum is best suited to as well as the workplace adjustments that an individual may need.

Autism helpdesk

An autism coach that will provide remote support to DES providers and employer representatives to assist them with any autism related issues that may arise.