NDIS and community forums

Building relationships with participating providers and the local community to improve understanding of employment needs of autistic jobseekers

Working with NDIS

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) local area coordinators (LACs) may be able to work with Disability Employment Service (DES) providers and employers to ensure the right employment support is in place for autistic employees.

  • LACs can help you to understand the NDIS. LACs and planners should have accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the range of employment supports that can be offered through an NDIS plan.
  • LACs can offer guidance and workshops for providers and participants to better understand the NDIS.
  • LACs can work with participants to create plans (to include employment support) as well as other independent living and social connectedness supports.

To find out more about NDIS please visit: www.ndis.gov.au or phone: 1800 800 110 or ask your DES provider.

Disability Employment Service (DES) Community of Practice

To build a community of practice and share Autism@work pilot experiences. The DES provider forum will be held quarterly via Zoom to give participating DES providers the opportunity to meet, discuss their pilot experience, provide their operational experience of using the tools provided, brainstorm strategies and recognise learnings and successes.