Workplace kitchen manners

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  • Basic workplace kitchen rules​
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Workplace kitchen manners​

Take care of the common space your company has provided for your convenience. ​

A lack of respect for the others who share your office kitchen can irritate them.​

Basic workplace kitchen rules​

  • Keep it clean. Remember that you are one of many people who have been provided with this space.​
  • Do not leave dirty dishes on the sink. Put them in the dishwasher or clean them and put them away. Empty the dishwasher if the dishes inside are clean.​
  • Clean appliances such as microwaves and sandwich toasters after you have used them.​
  • Respect refrigerator real estate. When you have a large group of co-workers, refrigerator space becomes valuable.​
  • Only eat and drink what is yours.​
  • Label your food.
  • Remove your food from the fridge before it spoils. ​
  • Beware of strong odours. No-one likes food with overpowering smells.​
  • Have good table manners. Even when you are eating lunch in the break room you should still be professional. ​
  • Keep your conversations appropriate.​
  • Observe after-party leftover rules. Ask before grabbing.​
  • Occasionally help with cleaning up.  ​
  • If there is shared food: pizza or baked goods – you should only take a small amount initially to ensure everyone gets some.

End of Module Questions

  • Why is it important to consider your work colleagues when using the shared kitchen facilities?​
  • How would you address a situation where you observed a colleague not cleaning up after themselves after using the office kitchen?

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