What is teamwork?​

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What is teamwork?​

Teamwork is an important aspect of business. It is necessary for colleagues to work well together, trying their best to reach a common goal or to complete tasks and meet deadlines in the most effective and efficient way.​

Teamwork requires people to cooperate using their individual skills to give updates and provide constructive feedback, even if they have differences.​

By working together, a team can explore different opinions and ideas, and find an approaches that work as an overall solution.​

Aspects of teamwork skills​

  • Communicating in a clear and respectful way. Allowing others to have their say.
  • Taking responsibility and accountability for the part you play in the team.
  • Listening to and acknowledging the feelings, concerns, opinions and ideas of others.
  • Utilising the strengths of others assists everyone in working towards a common outcome. Ensuring work and recognition is shared evenly.
  • Valuing and showing respect for the different backgrounds, experiences, creativity and contributions of group members​.
  • Adhering to leadership and decision-making guidelines, and working within the scope and boundaries of the workplace.
  • Participating in events with your team, saying good morning and goodbye, having give and take conversations and taking an interest in the activities of others​.

End of Module Questions​

  • In your role, why would teamwork be important?​
  • What are some areas of difficulty for you that might make being part of a team difficult?​
  • How would you manage a situation where a team member is not participating in teamwork?

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