Motivation, why do we work?

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Why is gaining employment and working important?

Everyone has different motivations for why they want to be employed and working:

  • Earning money
  • Sense of worth and value
  • Meeting other people
  • What you do when you ‘become an adult’
  • Something to do during the day
  • Learning new skills. This is important for long term health and well-being and increases your employability.
  • The next logical step after completing school

Some positive reasons why working is a good thing

  • Having a purpose
  • Having ownership of a role
  • Getting better at your job
  • Working towards employment goals
  • Learning from another source (not school, home, family, friends)
  • Reaching financial goals
  • Gaining a sense of personal satisfaction
  • Meeting people
  • Making friends
  • Participating in social and work events
  • Communicating better – you will have more to talk about
  • Being able to tell people what you do when they ask you where you work
  • Having another outlet for creativity and change

End of Module Question

What is your motivation for wanting to gain employment and work?

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