Explaining the Autism@Work Pilot to Employers

We have developed a ‘script’ to help employment consultants sell the benefits of the pilot when talking to employers

Explaining the Autism@Work Pilot to Employers

Autism@Work pilot resources

Getting all of the strengths of an autistic employee across to an employer in a short period of time can be challenging. To help with that we have developed the following tools that can be adapted to fit and used in employer engagement conversations – either in person, telephone or in a meeting.


Getting to know the employer
Employer engagement

The “Employer Engagement Script” provides words around what the pilot is, why is the pilot involves autism only, what autism is, and what are
some of the strengths autism can bring to a workplace.

The “Employer Engagement Presentation” is something that could be used
(as well as the script) if you were trying to engage with a large
organisation and were meeting with the CEO or diversity and inclusion

Workplace readiness
Survey for Employers
Share the Autism@Work pilot website and include the resources as you progress through this journey.

Questions are:

  • Have you previously employed an autistic employee?
  • How confident are you supporting an autistic employee at work?
  • Are you able to identify how to adjust the workplace for the needs, work styles and preferences of autistic employees?
  • How confident are you at onboarding an autistic employee?
  • What types of roles would you consider employing autistic people into?
  • Do you feel that you have sufficient tools, training and support to integrate autistic employees into your business?
Getting help
Autism Helpdesk
  • Need help or have a question -  contact the Autism Helpdesk Access Code: AAW2021
Modules, videos and printed material

DES Provider Resources

Participant Autism@Work resources

Employer Autism@Work resources

Autism@Work pilot training sessions have been condensed into roughly 15-minute recorded training sessions