About Autism@Work

Following a Government election commitment, the Department of Social Services (DSS) is conducting the Autism@Work pilot to explore ways to integrate the principles of the DXC Dandelion autism employment program into its Disability Employment Services (DES) program. 

The goal of this initiative is to scale the core principles of the DXC Dandelion Program in conjunction with the existing Department of Social Services DES programs to create a greater employment success for jobseekers on the autism spectrum.

Autism@Work Pilot Partners

DXC Technology has been contracted to conduct this pilot due to their proven success in creating long-term employment success for individuals on the autism spectrum through the DXC Dandelion Program.

DXC’s program partner is Untapped, whose mission is to create a sustainable neurodiverse employment ecosystem and bring together organisations passionate about the integration of neurodiverse individuals in the workplace. 

Participating DES providers

Eight DES provider sites have been identified to participate in the pilot in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The selection of providers was based upon consistently high numbers of Jobseekerss on the autism spectrum.

Autism@Work contributors

Our research and review process

Every resource on the Autism@Work website has been reviewed by, written by or had contributions from autistic people.

To reflect the diversity of language preferences in the autism community we use a mixture of identity-first (for example ‘autistic person’) and person first (for example ‘person on the autism spectrum’) language.

We thank the many people who have contributed their ideas, suggestions and feedback, who have reviewed the website content and given their time so generously to develop this material.