Building autism employment skills and knowledge

The Department of Social Services (DSS) Autism@Work Program is a pilot initiative between the DSS, the DXC’s Dandelion Program and Untapped. The DXC Dandelion Program has helped to create sustainable careers for over 120 people on the autism spectrum with Australian government and commercial organisations.

The DSS Autism@Work program is building from that foundation to enable Disability Employment Services (DES) providers to connect employers and autistic candidates to create the start of career journeys for more people on the autism spectrum.  

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Understanding more about autism 

Autism is a lifelong neurobiological condition that may present itself in an individual by different ways of thinking, communicating, interacting and experiencing their world, themselves, and others around them.

The characteristics of autism vary from person to person and can vary depending on different situations – which is why it is often described as a spectrum.

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